Department Stores


How do department stores get the shoppers walking by the window to come inside? Something appeals to them and they want to see more––a focal point, a style, a detail, or a product. Images that serve the department store designer and retailer have that same quality. My department store images draw the viewer in in much the same way. Whether it’s an unexpected camera position, a highlighted object, a smart composition, or pleasing lighting, my images make you look again. Also, lets not forget hiding thousands of price tags, all night long.

Selected Project List

  • 51 East, Dubai
  • Bloomingdales, Dubai
  • Bloomingdales, NYC
  • Bloomingdales, CA
  • Harrods, London
  • Harvey Nichols, Dubai
  • Harvey Nichols, Jakarta
  • Liverpool, Mexico
  • Landmark, Dubai
  • Nordstrom, USA and Canada
  • Palacio de Hierro, Mexico
  • Printemps, France
  • Seibu, Tokyo
  • SOGO, Osaka