When you check into a hotel, you want that warm, welcoming feeling. In my hotel and restaurant projects, I strive to bring those same feelings to the photography. Usually busy places with lots going on, my most successful work happens in the late night-early morning, when I can better control the environment and bring that comfortable, welcoming feeling to the images via careful camera placement and lighting. Not surprisingly, the best hotel photography comes from making friends with the night-time security guard who has the keys to the lighting panel. Good photography always comes down to the basics.


Selected Project List

  • Sheraton, Seattle
  • Hilton Midtown, NYC
  • JW Marriott Sawgrass, Florida
  • JW Marriott, Scottsdale
  • JW Marriott, Mexico City
  • Palominos, Seattle
  • The Pearl, Dubai
  • Hotel Terra, Jackson Hole
  • Toro, Scottsdale
  • Ritz Carlton, Phoenix
  • W Hotel, Seattle